#1 – I love, love the mix of prints and stripes.

#2 – I love, love the shades of beige and gray, and winters that aren’t all black.

#3 – I love, love Léa Seydoux. Everytime I see this girl, she’s the perfect picture of natural grace and charm.

#4 – At last, I’m happy to have the chance to have your opinion on this YSL besace flap. When I showed this to my guy, he told me, “NO WAY.” I asked him, “WHY?” He replied, “YOU’RE NOT A SCHOOL GIRL!” I said, “”Hey, man! Haven’t you read my post on Gossip Girl? Of course I am a school girl!!! Didn’t you see me dressed like Serena at Mélinda’s Gossip Girl party last time. You’re so out of touch!” He exclaimed, “WHAT?! Sex and the City? I hope you haven’t seen that because those women are witches!”

Proof that men don’t understand a thing. As in zilch, zero, nothing at all.

So, this is what I said that Blair wouldn’t because she would’ve come up with a more shocking reply: “SHUT UP, man! Let me think about that over Cosmo with my girlfriends.” (Yes, the vintage cocktail has come back. As for The Mojito? Pffffu! How cheap!)

What can you say about a besace flap that makes for a very good accessory if you want to imagine not carrying a bag and if you’ve mastered the technique Live-The-Life of you know who? It’s a bit like the catch-all, carry-all bag loaded with lots of charm, don’t you think? It belongs to the cool girl who takes life in stride, right? Like Lou D., Laura M., Charlotte G., …Léa S.

…Garance D.?

Yes, me!


Translation : Magali Eva Suárez.