You remember my little trip to the festival in Stockholm? You remember when I spoke about my spread on the new Hey ,tell me, do you remember Sofia? What do you mean, no? Okay. Let’s review.

Sofia, who I met in Paris, and who I had promised to show you again if I ever was in Sweeden, well, for once in my life, I have kept my promise: I asked her to be my first Une Fille, Un Style (One Girl, One style). So we spent an afternoon together. It was so great that in the end we spent the evening together as wel, living it up. At times, life can be pretty cool.

A little while later, I went to New York, remember? In NYC, I spent the afternoon with Rumi, who turned up at my place with a suitcase full of her favorite pieces and her adorable boyfriend to carry it. Amazing girl. Amazing time. I love taking photos with her.

I also took advantage of my time in New York to visit the adorable Erika, of the group Au Revoir Simone, in her neat little corner of Brooklyn, Williamsburg.

Lots of images, lots of little adventures…

I’ve only left one thing to tell you about. I waited till the end to announce my new section on

And here it is, It has been online since yesterday with my Une Fille, Un Style (One girl, One style.) There are still some adjustments left to do, some flaws to patch up, but the ball is rolling.

I’ll be doing two posts per month and I’ll keep you up to date when they come out. I think little by little I’ll find my stride in the new format. It somehow wants to be more intimate than the street style photos that I’m used to. In the future, I’ll dwell more on the women in their true environments, in their apartments, in their dressing rooms…

I’m delighted with this new exercise. It’s like a new adventure. These meetings have inspired me quite a bit and have pushed me to go a little further and amped up my enthusiasm. I hope it inspires you as well.

Have a good day !