I was running late so I hurriedly dressed up and grabbed a hat. I gobbled up my food on the way to the métro.The wind was huffing and puffing on my hat that it flew away. I wondered why I even wore it in the first place. I was late and in heels. I was in no mood to run after it.

Never mind. I let it go.

But someone gave it back to me. The thing was now back on top of my head. In the métro, people were looking at me. Surely, I was standing up straight, but the most obvious thing was that, I was wearing a hat. I didn’t need to think about it, that would be exhausting. Normally, I put on something and then just forget it.

I arrived at my destination and my friends were there. We greeted each other and kissed. But excuse me, my hat was getting in the way! Anyway, they didn’t mind and told me that it looked good on me. Awww, sweet! Then, we went to a café. I didn’t want to wear my hat inside so I took it off.

And bravo, now my hair went all flat. No choice but to put it back on like I was a cursed woman.

Voilà, my four solid reasons why. Even if I love to take pictures of hats and love to draw them, the truth is, I won’t ever wear them again.

Translation : Magali Eva Suárez.