Here’s proof that that it doesn’t take much to make a fashion statement:

I was seated on the balcony of a café when Nina appeared before me. It was a little chilly and dangling from her neck was a large shawl in a soft shade of grey. She had a striking allure about her.

When I approached her, I saw that it wasn’t a shawl but a portion of her coat. And I was familiar with this coat. I had seen it at Zara and had stared at it, long and hard.

Surely, you can see a couple of  stylish elements in Nina’s ensemble—ripped jeans, tie-dyed shirt, studded leather bag…Yet, everything is defined by the way the shawl-coat is worn, either it’s left open or draped around.

If I own this coat, I have a feeling I’ll use it mainly as a cover-up, like when I have to go camping in the Andes. This coat will probably make me look huge. Most likely, it won’t be worn and will remain in the closet as an undecipherable piece of clothing. On Nina, it looks simply cool..

I think Nina’s the kind of girl who looks good in anything. Oh well, count me out.

Translation : Magali Eva Suárez.