Here’s a secret: if you want to make me live the vida loca right now: just say sequin and I’ll suddenly break out in a cold sweat and start chanting Waterloo be in the throngs of ecstasy that all of you most certainly have experienced at least once in your life—mouth wide open, credit card swiped, soul for sale straight to the devil. Yep, but if you really have to do it, might as well have fun along the way.

I have everything: scarf, top and skirt. And might I add, a dress! A dress, my friends, that I found last weekend in Marseille (the friperies* in the province, unbelievable!) and makes me look like a Eurodance singer fashion icon. Yeah, yeah. I know. You want pictures, pix, photos, photographs, digital image, jpeg…of my dress.

Listen, I promise. From now on, garancedorefr inc. will commit to finding a solution to this thorny-prickly-tricky issue concerning the lack of personal images.

In the meantime, delivered fresh and fast to your screens is my strong liking for these shiny sequins. I think they’re cool and ideal for making a casual outfit look more sophisticated, much like what Jane’s wearing above. And most of all, sequins go well with sporty or army-inspired clothes, or even with boyfriend jeans..

Sequins and the rugged look are a lovely match.

Le rough and le shiny.

What the heck? Frenglish, huh? By the way, do you think we could ask the members of Abba why they dressed themselves in sequins they sang in English?

Voilà, voilà. Now you know how to drive me nuts. And before you serve me my coffee, I have to tell you that the leggings above came all the way from London’s Oxford Circus just for the sheer pleasure of tormenting my sequin-addict artificial heart.


My soul to the devil? Yeah, okay. I’d never have imagined selling it to Topshop.


* friperies- thrift shops, second-hand stores


Translation : Magali Eva Suárez.