Jacket inspired from the SS09 Balmain show.

Last Sunday, I met up with a friend for coffee. She, with her slightly unkempt hair (a sighting as rare as seeing Simone Veil’s hair get messed up) and eyes hidden beneath large, smoky frames, began to speak to me: “Garance, there’s something I must tell you. I just had the worst night of my life.”

“It was so horrible that I didn’t even get to remove my make-up. Can you imagine that? Never, never in my life have I gone to bed with my make-up on. Look, I may happen to fall asleep on the sink but always with my face washed clean.”

“Wow” I told her in a half-mocking, half-surprised voice, “sounds very bad-ass. C’mon really?! Never ever?”

“Never. You know darn well it’s the worst thing to do.”

Now I was super-impressed. As for me, I can admit that I had slept some nights without ever taking the gunk off my face. Even if all the skin doctors, magazines, my mother and Simone Veil say it’s the worst thing to do.

So that was how my friend—thanks to the worst night of her life, the story of which I swore to heavens not to tell, my lips are sealed because I assure you, I’m no Gossip Girl—managed to come out with nary a fault to her beauty. Despite the circles under her eyes, the traces of mascara on her lashes and her disheveled hair, she looked lovely.

So much for her quest for perfection. So much for her night cream.

All the better for her strikingly classic Romanesque beauty.

Translation : Magali Eva Suárez.