Here’s a question for you, folks. What do you think these three silhouettes share in common? Go ahead, take a look.

And don’t be afraid to say whatever’s on your mind. I’m pretty good at it, fact is, it’s my favorite pastime.

EDIT AT EXACTLY 12 NOON : Time’s up. (I don’t want you to miss your lunch because you still haven’t solved this intriguing mystery). So, the answer is: RICK OWEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNSSSSSSS!!!

Thanks for your participation. Great game, everyone. You all played very well. To those who said, “Rick Owens, of course”; to those who immediately noticed something very special about the cut and drape of the garments; and to those who simply said, “I WANT ONE!”, I believe we all understand why this brilliant designer is favored by fashion editors, models and stylish (not to mention, moneyed) girls alike.

When in Paris, I encourage you to pay a little visit to his shop at the Palais Royal where his life-size wax figure bids you welcome and bespeaks of his incredible and unique personality. Bonne journée!!!

Translation : Magali Eva Suárez.