Picture this: I was getting ready to spend the weekend à la Desperate Housewives and work à la Working Girl chez moi. As for the rest of female-dom, they were perhaps munching on roasted chestnuts while shopping..

Earlier in the week, Géraldine had mischievously slipped an extremely hazardous material in my purse—Gossip Girl.

For those who live on planet Mars (meaning, me around two weeks ago), GG is the television series that so far, has shown off more it-bags than SATC. Oh, yes, the power of TV.

After about two work sessions and feeling down due to an absence of glamourous activity in my schedule, I decided to make myself a cup of latte. At the same time, I wanted to get a quick look of what the show was like. Soon enough, the disc began playing.


Can Bill Clinton relate? GG strikes a chord as it plays up the laws of attraction gone awry and the American dream. Yet clearly, the show has a more addictive appeal than the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Four hours later, I had a drastic change of plan.. Time to compromise. I would work for two hours then treat myself to an episode. The perfect new deal. Work first, then play disc and have almond latte later.

I let myself be enthralled by this delightful series as juicy and artificial as tagada strawberries. These wealthy and privileged high school kids, as believable as Naomi Campbell’s blue eyes, have become my best buds. In the end, I decided to continue my work tomorrow. I was craving for a glass of champagne.

The more I watched, the more I got sucked up in this web of teen drama. I was strongly attached to it. Suddenly, I wanted to do my nails. Enough of this crazy nonsense. In my new world, I have polished nails.

Then a friend called me on the phone and quite spontaneously, I greeted  her in English. I didn’t know what was wrong with her but she talked back to me in French. So be it. I had an idea.. I came up with witty replies and snappy comebacks. Extremely funny ones like it was part of a script. In my new world, the best lines come from a clever exchange of words. Well, she didn’t get it at all.

Before she hung up, she reminded me of tonight’s Blonde Redhead concert. I said, “Yes, of course, at 8!”

And that was it.

My mind went back to the Blonde Redhead concert. I rifled through my things wondering which it-bag to choose from my collection, except that, there was only one. Weird. Anyway, there was no time. I put on my necktie and went out for the night.

So what? The tie was a nice touch. Besides, we were very much required to wear it in my high school that it has somewhat become a staple in my wardrobe. Definitely not too shabby with my Chloé dresses!

Outside, I tried to hail a cab. But there wasn’t any. Merde, not gonna happen! I looked around me and suddenly I realized I was in Paris.

Right there, I remembered. Uh-oh, I’m no Gossip Girl. I went straight to the métro pouting like a spoiled brat. Back to reality. Which sucks.

Fortunately, I’ll be in New York in November. Serena, Blair, Dan, wait for me!!!