One day, I got a call from Marie-Pierre Lannelongue. She wanted for us to meet and talk about working on something together. Marie-Pierre handles the fashion section at Nouvel Obs.

A few days later, I did find myself in the company of Marie-Pierre, plus Karel and Isis from the awesome design graphic agency Fovéa. And when I say awesome, it’s the real deal. I love what they do. They’re mainly in charge of Milk, the fashion lifestyle magazine for kids (the kind that can make anyone involved in this publication really feel his age). And they’re also responsible for l’Obstyles, the super-chic fashion supplement of Le Nouvel Observateur.

We decided to order for sushi while wondering what we could possibly do together as a project.

Romain Brau is a designer. Click here to know more about this guy.

An hour later, hundreds of ideas were flying above our bentos.

Then I experienced a remarkably surreal moment when I heard myself say this:

“And you need what for the production? New equipment? How many assistants? And for the stylist?”

“Holy shit!” this one piece of sashimi cried out as it wriggled away to the far end of my baguette.

“Shut up.” I commanded in a growling voice.

Yet come to think of it, something seems to lead me to realizing my destiny—to follow the footsteps of Bruce Weber.

And talk about timing because I was bound for the crazy-busy fashion week events which lasted nearly a month. First stop was New York, followed by London, then back to Paris.

Keegan Singh is a stylist. Check out his portfolio here.

Immediately we agreed to do natural shots. I did my usual thing and took advantage of said fashion weeks to gather photos with a rock concept, the theme that the magazine was going for.

So I was running after men like I’ve never done before when I usually wait for them to come find me. Well, from time to time, I do take matters in my own hands and this one’s no exception.

I came across these guys and asked them right there and then to pose for me. When they couldn’t, I got their phone numbers, called them and said, “Yes, it’s Garance!”  Heck, they probably wondered who I was.

In the course of my guy-chasing, I learned a couple of tricks on how to approach my targets. In the case of Matthew (see below), credited for the music at the Gareth Pugh runway show, I saw him there but was unable to make my move. I had to bribe four security guards so I could get hold of him.

Matthew is into a lot of things. Click here to get an idea about what he does.

Finally, l’Obstyles is now  in the news stands (as a supplementary copy of  Nouvel Obs) until Wednesday. As usual, it’s totally awesome. Lots of people I admire are featured there, especially Karim Sadli, who often does Vogue magazine’s En Voguesection. Right smack in the middle of this issue are four pages of my photos on display, a few of them I’m showing to you here. Holy shit!

So that’s it for today!  On behalf of my security guard buddies and all my recent big breaks, cheers and thanks to everyone from me and my sashimi!

Translation : Magali Eva Suárez.