Last time, I was on rue Charlot which is, was—because I think with the upcoming arrival of Star Ac’ on the scene, I’m having a change of heart—my favorite street to pass by when heading home, that led me straight to my favorite burger joint at Café Charlot. (Hianta and Diane, whichever pool in the South you’re swimming in right now, thanks for showing me the way. And hey, my weighing scale says ‘thanks’, too).

Okay, before reaching my destination, I made a stop at a shop called Mes Demoiselles (#45), where Anita, its owner, was about to pack up her winter collection and there I saw a pair of leather leggings, I mean to say, a pair of leggings in leather…

Leather!!! Beautiful leather! Beautiful blue leather!!! Beautiful grayish blue leather the color of a stormy sky!!!! My favorite shade! Le sigh! Le swoon! Le purr!

Le grrowll! It’s exactly what I need, tout de suite. I want leather. I’m sick of summer, we dress whichever way when it’s too hot (guilty as charged). Our gladiators begin to lose their color and we don’t want to buy again because we’re already thinking about…. You’ll soon find out which shoes I’m seriously coveting… Soon…very, very soon.

I don’t know about you but I’m already tearing out pages from magazines that signal back-to-school fashion. It’s also exciting to prepare our schoolbags while imagining who’ll be in our class, don’t you think?


Okay, right at the corner, I saw this pullover and I must show it to you. Anita let me do whatever I wanted (cool Anita) and who immediately came to mind was Margaux , the heavenly and adorable Margaux, who you’ll see often on this blog from now on. It was truly delightful to take her pictures!

Voilà, this is the first outfit on my back-to-school list. You may now go back to your umbrellas, you lucky fellas!

Bonne journée!