There are realizations that won’t ever come to us. A hundred miles separate me today from Hyères so I can amuse myself in waking up this already, well, nearly fading flower.

I’m back in Paris and all I have left are some snapshots, observations and chronicles on imbibing the new cool. I’ll show them to you as we go along and afterwards, we turn a new leaf and  lead ourselves to new adventures that are, I’m afraid, more in tune with city life.

+ We are already aware that the it-shoes have taken over the it-bags, as strikingly proven on the beaches of Hyères. When pebbles threaten to ruin your leather heels, take off your shoes and carry them with you. That’s the latest chic alternative.

+ Never ever go to parties organized by the staff at Baron.*

+ Melvin Sokolsky took all our breath away, leaving my mouth wide open at the sight of his brilliant exhibit. And the way he eats gambas, too.** The genius can be extremely human sometimes. It doesn’t make him any less of a genius. But he’s human, after all.

+ Reveal your intimate life to the first person you meet. This is very summer of 2008.

+ Take an old rotten, ratty and especially baggy pair of jeans, cut mid-thigh and roll up. Voilà, you’re now the coolest girl of the bunch.

+ Riccardo Tisci*** is way more good-looking than Christian Lacroix.

+ Invite 200 people for dinner at the Villa Noailles, make them wait and starve and finally at 11:30 pm, serve sea-urchins. Put them aside while watching their faces contort in disgust and pick fights everywhere. Following the arrival of the plat de résistance plus your choice of exquisite pastry  for dessert, the battle among fashionistas can never be more delightful.****

+ Talk about Marc Jacobs’ fuck-you attitude.

+ Do like everybody else. Be accessible, kind, cool and smiling. This is how you behave during the summer. Add some eyewear, ditch the hairbrush and you’re an it-girl. Simple as that.

+ At all times, go barefoot this summer.

+ Information counts for what it’s worth. I bought a thin gold chain to hold my glasses.

+ Loïc Prigent, love and admiration renewed.

So there. And my suggestion for next year’s activities, I’d like the festival to last for two more weeks than the usual. As such, there’d no longer be trees on the villa’s parking lot and there’d no longer be talks about sea-urchins and gambas. We’d take away the beach pebbles and see Daren again. Also, that would teach me how to travel light yet  fall short on eating light, because, um, well, you know that’s a hard habit to break! Bisous!


* The Baron is a happening spot in Paris that gets much attention. A little too much, that is.?** Melvin Sokolsky does not know how to eat gambas and that’s quite amusing to see.?***Tisci is the brilliant designer of Givenchy who succeeded Lacroix as president of the jury at Hyères this year and who’s a lot nicer.?****Sea urchins are generally served with a plate, something that was missing at the buffet in Hyères. With a small knife, you eat the eggs (the red substance). You can put them on bread. Without the knife and the plate…. well, what do you know?