I wink as I tell you that honestly, this isn’t something I do on purpose, the models just happen to run into me. Only a matter of timing, I guess. I was about to take a walk along the tiny port of Santa Margarita, not in the least frustrated by the total absence of fashion around me, sniffing in the air, when suddenly a whiff of ‘cool’ breezed past my shoulders.

Bon, en fait, it was a cloud of cigarette smoke from a team that just wrapped up their photo shoot for Cosmo Italy. I managed to steal their model for two seconds—all the time it took me to get my heels tangled (yes) in a fishing net, fall in the arms of the model, take her photo and completely forget to ask her name.

Aaaaaah, really, we’re never serious at 17!

As for my age, I thank everyone for my birthday which well and good, took place yesterday. All those years of saying oh-my-God-oh-my-God-oh-my-God-give-me-Botox-give-me-an-adult-life-give-me-a-Kelly-bag…(?) only to realize that it’s no good. I might as well convince myself to have the opposite. It’s truly cool to grow up and get old.

There you have it, the transcedental philosophy of the day. Big kisses and happy, happy weekend!