Sabrina wears sunglasses from Dries Van Noten.


You should know me by now. Don’t get me started talking about grey, my favorite color in the world since that day when I was 14 — I remember perfectly well, I came across a man (who must have been around 16, a real man, whatever) wearing a pearly grey wool Pringle pullover that suitably matched his eyes as big and transparent as the sky and the sea around us.

I asked him, “What’s your favorite color?” (You know, this was one of the situations where you desperately try to find something to say and you always end up saying something stupid. Always. No matter what your age).

And then he answered, “Grey.”

“But it isn’t a color!”, I answered back in an attempt to push the conversation further before it reaches a dead end.

His eyes met mine and he said, “Precisely and that what’s makes it the most beautiful.”

I was literally petrified and stood there with my mouth wide open. Then he gave me a kiss. The color grey was all that I kept from this love as alive as it was fleeting but what a lovely aftermath…

No wonder my heart melted when I saw Sabrina pass by in her incredible grey glasses and platinum blond hair.

Then I studied her outfit and I really loved how she layered and added some very personal touches to her clothes. Sabrina is a stylist for a highly sophisticated German magazine. I only recognized her when she gave me her name — which I was struggling to remember. Horrible.. It really annoys me that I have to do lots of press coverage of the capital before my memory kicks in. Unless you happen to be there, Sabrina. Heeelp!

Helga wears a coat from Opening Ceremony.

As I went further on, I ran into Helga who’s an Icelander (Isn’t it SO cool to be an Icelander ? ) (okay,okay, just writing everything that crosses my mind, my brain today is like an open bar) and I thought there’s something lovely about the layers and color palettes worn by these equally lovely foreign lasses.

Oh well, this makes for a nice ending, right?


Bisou, bonne journée!!!