Outfit inspired from the Rykiel runway show, what else?

It’s funny how we find it hard to talk about things that are dear to us. I tried to write this post several times, halting each time I’m overwhelmed with emotion and redoing my piece a little later.

Several months ago, I received a mail that began like this: “My name’s David Chauvel. I’m a scriptwriter and an illustrated comics editor (under the Delcourt Publishing House). I would like to know if  by any chance you had ever dreamed of writing a book or a couple of books.”

Honestly, I thought there was something fishy about this mail. It’s the kind you’re bound to read it over and over again before you even dare to share it with another person and say, “Look what I just got.” and read it aloud.

I didn’t believe it but after hundreds of google attempts (David Chauvel, Delcourt Chauvel, Chauvel pervert, prankster David, book scam+Delcourt…), I began to think that this guy was for real and without any record of internet crime. I was all too happy and excited about it. It’s not everyday you get to have a letter that says, “if by any chance…”

Finally, after several exchanges of mail and a meeting plus many celebrations later, I found myself inside the impressive mansarded roof building of Guy Delcourt who, as he shoved his huge hands in his huge pockets, told me this:?“Garance, we have faith in you. Write a book that speaks of you.” Hmmm… let me see.

At that moment, I realized that I liked the idea of writing a book. It’s like the idea of wanting to become Madonna. I never wish to sing while leaping on spiked heels in the arms of muscled men and throw my undies to the public. Non. All I wanted was to say: “Hi, I’m Madonna.”

As usual, I said, “oui oui oui bien sûr bien sûr bien sûr” before even finding out if I could do it.?And since then, I was writing, editing, rewriting. I had ideas, some great, others disastrous. I didn’t dare have it read. I dreamt about it at night. I talked about it to anyone who cared to listen. I didn’t exactly know how to handle it and I was unable to write about it in my blog.

But it was largely due to this blog that this mail came about. It’s time I talk about it, however awkward, despite this funny knot in my stomach and despite this overly bombastic tone in my writing that I don’t ever wish to appear in my book.

So, it will be an illustrated book about fashion, Paris, my life, my friends and many other things that I don’t talk about here. With a bit of luck and big kick in the butt — (which is what I’m doing at this time since this public announcement is like pushing myself atop a high divingboard) — the book should be out in October.

While waiting for that day of reckoning, the anxiety of delays and that big void to fill when it’s over, I would like to thank everyone of you. And this is where I try to get a grip on my emotions. I told you so.?My readers, everything that you do to help me as I take a small step each day in this blog is one of the most precious blessings in my life.