The Courage to Go Natural / Melissa Bon

I should tell you how uncomfortable I’ve felt about my hair since I was 6 years old. As a child, my hair grew so slowly, most of the time people thought I was a boy. I was evolving in an environment where most of the girls had straight hair, and I had a tiny afro, with very little curls. I used to ask my mother why my hair wasn’t similar to my friends’ and she’d reply that everybody is different, and that I was beautiful just the way I was. I didn’t believe her at the time.

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Style Story / Karolina

Style Story / Karolina

When my friend Megan told me we had to meet Karolina in Stockholm, I had a feeling this would be a woman with a unique...


The minis

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Let's Talk About

Boot It

It’s the beginning of December which means it’s...
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In the Know

Cool Collaborators

One of the perks of working in the fashion industry is...
A Wrinkle in Time
From the Beauty Closet

A Wrinkle in Time

Before it happened, people warned me, but I didn’t...
Things We Slacked
In The Know

Things We Slacked

Slack links are still going strong! Here are the favorites...


Feeling inspired to take cues from Cirque du Soleil and have...
In Flight
Let's Talk About

In Flight

I’m writing this on a flight as I’m starting to...
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Pocket PMF

Pocket PMF: Living with Your Significant Other

In today’s episode of Pocket PMF, Garance talks to...

A Beauty Minute with Nike

Morning: I start with cleansing my skin after the night with Paula’s Choice skin balancing cleanser. Then I use the Cosmetic Skin Solution vitamin C + E serum with hyaluronic acid, it really boosts my skin in the morning. After 10 minutes I put on moisturizer from Zelens followed by Exuviance Sheer Daily Protector SPF 50. It’s a light tinted SPF that also protects your skin from environmental damage.

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Our Favorite Gifts #1 / At the Movies

Our Favorite Gifts #1 / At the Movies

WHAT’S UP ROUND ONE ??! We decided to do things a little differently this year for our gift guide … don’t worry, we’ll still...


let's talk about Love Style Life

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1 Year!

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The Update

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The Love Gifts #1

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Jenna Lyons On Etiquette / Love Style Life



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Emmanuelle Alt On Style / Love Style Life

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Next Stop…

diane von furstenberg career video love style life interview garance dore photo

Diane von Furstenberg On Career / Love Style Life

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Snap Happy


I’m a big, big, big fan of Cirque du Soleil. Have you ever been?

Anyone who’s seen their shows is like me — they’ve still got stars in their eyes and can talk about it for hours. However, I had trouble with the idea of the circus at first. I remember the circus when I was a child, the weird moments, the sad animals and the clowns who really weren’t funny.

And that’s the great thing about Cirque du Soleil. There are no animals — just performances, beautiful sets, costumes, and mind-blowing music. Everything is immaculate and gorgeous, down to the smallest details. It’s a kind of happy, exuberant perfection that shows you how spectacular a live show can be. And there are clowns, really funny ones.

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The EDIT No.5 / Part 5 – Terribly Nice Jewels

The last stop on our Fall Edit adventure is in the delicate, the sophisticated, the sometimes indulgent pieces of jewelry to adorn yourself with. For each and every person, jewelry becomes such a personal thing...


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The Coolest Girl in the Neighborhood

Do you ever get anxiety attacks? Right now, for example, I’m sitting at a table in a café, my laptop is in front of me, my Skype is on and in constant flow with my team, my phone is next to me, notifications ready...


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